A Railway Station Paragraph for Class 5-6 in 150 words

By Jabed Hossain


A Railway Station Paragraph

A railway station is an important part of a country's train network. It is a special place where trains come and go. Imagine a platform where passengers get off the train and others get on. The station building is usually made of red brick, and looks charming.

A Railway Station Paragraph

In the distance you can see colorfully painted houses with green, red and blue station signals. There are separate waiting rooms for men and women inside the station. You will find a ticket counter, product booking area, a restaurant, a book stall and even a room for the station master. Each station has two or more tracks for trains to run on.

A Railway Station Paragraph

The station has two signals - one in and one out. The pointsman, who is responsible for managing the track, carries the red and green flags. At railway stations, you will also find stands where rickshaws, autorickshaws and other vehicles wait for passengers.

A Railway Station Paragraph

Before boarding the train, passengers line up to buy their tickets. When a train arrives, the station gets busy with people rushing to catch their train or meet their loved ones. It's a lively and exciting place! But when a train leaves the station, everything becomes calm and peaceful again. So, a railway station is not just a place to catch a train. It is a hub of activity and a gateway to new adventures.

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