The Name of the Symbol

The Name of the Symbol
The Name of the Symbol
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The Name of the Symbol

The name of the symbol
what is the name of the symbol

Typographical symbols and punctuation marks
 Symbol   Name of the symbol[a] Similar glyphs or conceptsSee also
◌́Acute (accent)Apostrophe, Grave, Circumflex
❦ ❧Aldus leafDingbat, Dinkus, Hedera, IndexFleuron
Almost equal toTilde, Double hyphenApproximationGlossary of mathematical symbolsDouble tilde
&Ampersandplus signLigature (writing)
⟨ ⟩Angle bracketsBracket, Parenthesis, Greater-than sign, Less-than sign, GuillemetBracket
‘ ’ApostropheQuotation mark, Guillemet, Prime, Grave
*AsteriskAsterism, DaggerFootnote
AsterismDinkus, Therefore sign
@At sign
\BackslashSlash, Solidus (/)
(non-Unicode name)
(‘Backtick’ is an alias for the grave accent symbol)
Basis point (per ten thousand)Per cent, per mille (per 1,000)
Because signTherefore sign
[ ] { }BracketsAngle bracket, Parenthesis
‸ ⁁ ⎀Caret (proofreading)Caret (computing) (^)
⟨ ⟩Chevron
(non-Unicode name)
(‘Chevron’ is an alias for Angle bracket)
^Circumflex (symbol)Caret (The freestanding circumflex symbol is known as a caret in computing and mathematics)Circumflex (diacritic), Caret (computing)Hat operator
◌̂Circumflex (diacritic)Grave, TildeCombining Diacritical MarksDiacritic
,CommaCedillaDecimal separator
Commercial minus signMinus sign, Division sign, Per cent, Obelus
, (ɔ)Copyleft signCopyright sign
©Copyright signSound recording copyrightCircled latin capital letter C
¤Currency signSquare lozenge (“Pillow”)various Currency symbols
† ‡DaggerObelusFootnotesLatin cross
(and more)
DashHyphen, Hyphen-minus, minus signEm dashEn dash
°Degree signMasculine ordinal indicator
* * *DinkusAsterism, Fleuron, Dingbat
(many)DingbatDinkus, Fleuron
DiameterØ (Scandinavian orthography),
Slashed zeroempty set
Ditto markQuotation mark
÷Division signSlash (Solidus) (/), Obelus
Dotted circle (Used as a generic placeholder when describing diacritics)Combining Diacritical Marks
⹀ ⸗Double hyphenAlmost equal to
=Equals sign
Estimated sign
!Exclamation markInverted exclamation mark, Interrobang
ªFeminine ordinal indicatorMasculine ordinal indicator, Degree sign
(many)FleuronDinkus, Dingbat
❦ ❧Floral heartDingbat, Dinkus, Hedera, IndexFleuron
.Full stopInterpunct, PeriodDecimal separator
♀ ♂ ⚥Gender symbolLGBT symbols
`Grave (symbol)Quotation mark#Typewriters and early computers
◌̀Grave (diacrictic)Acute, Circumflex, TildeCombining Diacritical MarksDiacritic
>Greater-than signAngle bracket
« »GuillemetAngle brackets, quotation marksMuch greater than
❦ ❧HederaDingbat, Dinkus, Index, PilcrowFleuron
HyphenDash, Hyphen-minus
Hyphen-minusDash, Hyphen, Minus sign
IndexManicule, Obelus (medieval usage)
·InterpunctFull-stop, Period,Decimal separator
Interrobang (combined
‘Question mark’ and ‘Exclamation mark’)
Inverted question and exclamation marks
¡Inverted exclamation markExclamation mark, Interrobang
¿Inverted question markQuestion mark, Interrobang
<Less-than signAngle bracket, Chevron, Guillemet
LozengeSquare lozenge (“Pillow”)
ManiculeIndex, Obelus
ºMasculine ordinal indicatorFeminine ordinal indicator, Degree sign
Minus signHyphen-minus, Commercial minus
×Multiplication signX mark
#Number signNumero sign. Also known as “octothorpe” and “hash”Pound sign
Numero signNumber sign
Image of manuscript annotation symbolsObelusDivision sign, Dagger, Commercial minus, Index
( )ParenthesisBracket, Angle bracket
%Percent signPer mille (per 1,000), Basis point (per 10,000)
Per millePercent, Basis point
PilcrowParagraph mark, paragraph sign, paraph, alinea, or blind PSection sign (‘Silcrow’)
(non-Unicode name)
‘Pillow’ is an informal nick-name for the ‘Square lozenge‘ in the travel industry. The generic Currency sign is superficially similar
(non-Unicode name)
(formally, “vertical bar”)
+Plus signminus sign, ampersand
±Plus–minus sign (‘plus or minus’)Approximately equal to
′ ″ ‴Prime (symbol)Apostrophe, quotation marksfoot (unit)InchMinuteSecond
?Question markInverted question mark, Interrobang
“ ”   ” ”
‘ ’   ‘ ‘
Quotation marksApostrophe, Ditto, Guillemets, PrimeInchSecond
®Registered trademark symbolTrademark symbol
(non-Unicode name)
(‘Scarab’ is an informal name for the generic Currency sign)
§Section signsection symbol, section mark, double-s, ‘silcrow’Pilcrow
Service mark symbolTrademark symbol
(and more)
(non-Unicode name)
Division sign, Backslashalso known as “stroke”
(the most common of the slash symbols)
Division signCalled “slant” in ASCII
Sound recording copyright symbolCopyright sign
Square lozengeCurrency sign
Therefore signAsterism, Because
~Tilde (symbol)Tilde (diacritic)
Wave dash
Double tilde
◌̃Tilde (diacritic)Circumflex, GraveCombining Diacritical MarksDiacritic
Trademark symbolRegistered trade mark
|Vertical baralso known as a ‘pipe’
/VirguleSlashVirgule (disambiguation)

The Name of the Symbol

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